Top 10 Worst Live-Action Adaptations Of Cartoons

The Last Airbender

Shyamalan also fails to replicate the cartoon’s capability to bounce between comedy, action and drama.

Masters of the Universe

Did you grow up watching “ He- Man ”? Did you ever imagine that his point film adaption would transport him.

Inspector Gadget

This is what happens when characters and plot are swept away in favor of headache- converting hyperactive-kinetic special goods.

Mr. Magoo

Still, it’s this 1940s comedy series about a eyeless old man, If there’s one cartoon that’s stylish left in the history.

The Flintstones

“ The Flintstones ” was a 1960s sitcom about the ultramodern Stone Age family, and it was bursting with charm and humor.

Dragonball Evolution

How hard is it to capture the appeal of magical want- granting balls, a fierce champion, and his battle against alien raiders?

Garfield: The Movie

Worst of all, its success at the box office made room for analogous remakes, like “ Alvin and the Chipmunks. ”


The sorting superhero canine is brought to life in this film grounded on the classic ‘ 60s television show

Fat Albert

A straightforward animated update. But rather, we get the tired old gimmick of cartoon characters.


This film sets the bar low for other live- action- CGI mongrel films with itsultra-cheap goods, stiff amusement.

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