Top 10 Orange Cat Breeds In The World

Abyssinian Cat

Abyssian place of origin is said to be either Ethiopia or Egypt. They have an athletic body and a distinct speckled coat.

Persian Cat

This is the most popular of all the orange cat breeds. they are high maintenance because of their long hair.

Exotic Shorthair Cat

They are loyal to their caregiver, which is convenient when you relocate. As long as you are around, they feel complete.

Maine Coon Cat

This is one of the USA’s finest cats and the largest domestic cat. They are large, hearty, loyal, and easy to train.

Devon Rex

If you are not a sporty person, you are not ready for a Devon Rex. The cat is always jumping or climbing something.

Chausie Cat

This affectionate and loyal feline, also referred called the miniature cougar, is an ancient Egyptian breed

Somali cat

The Somali is a vibrant orange cat that is as cunning as a fox. The downside of them being hands-on is that it is equally a handful.


If your pet preference is an intelligent, bold, active, brown, shorthaired cat, the Bengal is your go-to animal.

British Shorthair

The cats are ideal for new cat owners because they are less demanding, friendly, and social.


Its short legs have never inhibited it from displaying its bold personality. Munchkins are always all over the place.

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