Top 10 Most Muscular Animals In The World

Dung Beetle

A dung beetle is not only the world’s strongest insect but also the strongest animal on the planet compared to body weight.

Rhinoceros Beetle

If the mighty elephant had equal strength to the rhinoceros beetle it would be able to carry 850 elephants on its back.

Leafcutter ant

Tiny leafcutter ants can lift and carry in their jaws something 50 times their own body weight of about 500mg.


A gorilla can lift something 2,000kg (as heavy as 30 humans), over 10 times their body weight.


An eagle is the strongest bird, able to lift something four times its own body weight during flight.


Tigers are the largest members of the cat family and are renowned for their power and strength.

Musk Ox

There’s a reason for the popular saying “as strong as an ox”! An ox can pull and carry something 900kg.


African elephants can weigh up to 6,350kg and they can carry up to 9,000kg, the weight of 130 adult humans.


Anacondas are the heaviest snakes in the world. They live in water and so can often slither unnoticed along the riverbed.

Grizzly bear

When it comes to pure strength the Grizzly bear can lift over 500kg, 0.8 times its body weight.

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