Top 10 Best Child Friendly Dog Breeds In The World


While your family might be considering only purebred dogs, don’t count out mixed breeds. the dog is a mutt and also not fully grown.

Golden Retriever

Neither aggressive nor timid, the Golden Retriever is extremely patient, which makes them a perfect match for kids.

Labrador Retriever

This is one of THE most popular dog breeds, and for good reason—the Labrador Retriever is playful and patient.


Besides their often-distinctive haircuts, the Poodle also happens to be a very smart and gentle dog.

Irish Setter

Known for their red coat, the Irish Setter is playful and energetic, loves being around people, and plays well with children.


The breed is also obedient, and smart. Vizslas form close bonds with family members and are able to learn new tricks quickly.


Nicknamed "Nature’s Babysitter," Newfoundland is considered to be one of the most intelligent breeds in the world.

Bull Terrier

A Bull Terrier's short, flat coat is easy to care for, and the breed does best with easy access to a yard for play. 


The Beagle’s small size (they can easily be carried!) and calm temperament make this breed a great choice for families.


The Bulldog has a sturdy build that is perfect for kids. However, he won’t win any awards for "most energetic dog."

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